Our Values


Method is here to provide the best online consulting services available. With this comes honesty and transparency. We're always going to be upfront with you about our abilities and delivery times. If there's something we don't think we're suited for, we'll be the first to let you know.


All of us here at Method believe that good morals are the key to a healthy business relationship. We promise that all sensitive client information, business processes and anything else gathered in our time working together will remain between Method and our beloved clients. Always.


We'd like to think that our clients are also our friends. Like a good friend, we promise to be loyal and provide support wherever and whenever we can. This means that we won't leave your company short-handed or in a time of need. We'll be there through thick and thin, day & night.


You can count on Method to provide the best quality online support this side of the hemisphere. Our honesty, integrity and loyalty are factors in our guaranteed reliability to all of our customers. We're happy to spend a little extra time making sure that we're the right fit for your project.

About Method

Method Online

Method has been in the works for years. Jordan started doing websites and online services in 2009. This remained a hobby for Jordan until 2014 when he continued web design as a side gig whilst working for an IT Consulting company in the Perth CBD. Throughout the years he remained in technical service roles, ranging from a Junior Engineer through to a Specialist at the Apple Perth City store. During this time, whilst his roles changed, one thing remained constant – his love and passion for all things web related.

Fast forward to 2018 and his clientele grew bigger and bigger. With this new found business venture, Jordan decided to depart his 9 to 5 job and focus on his own online consulting business. In early 2019, Jordan wanted a fresh coat of paint on his image and branded his consulting business with the new moniker of Method, due to his diligent and methodical approach to his work.

Method Online officially registered as a business entity in May, 2019. Since then we’ve worked with clients of all sizes to provide quality consultation services.

Jordan Lovelle | Premium Web Services in Perth - Method Consulting